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Book your ticket now --> Join This Startup Business Mentorship Event Today ! - If you are planning to start a startup business and have no idea what steps to be taken in order to make this startup business successful. - If you have already executed startup business idea and are in the MVP (Prototype) phase & want to know the best strategies (Product Positioning, Sales & Marketing) to make your startup business successful. - If you already have a startup business & want to know how to further stabilize, get YoY growth, investments & Exit strategies for your startup business. by Lakshman Singh (Startup / Business Mentor, Business Coach & Auditor, Fund Management, Angel Investor) I hold more than a decade of extensive experience in startup/business ecosystem and help founders/cxo's in startup/business through Consultations, Advices & by Auditing the Businesses. I also help startup businesses by investing in them, mentoring them and giving them exposure of my network.   Linkedin : https://linkedin.com/in/iamlakshmansingh

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